Monday, January 14, 2013

So, I'm getting married.

Stephen asked that I be his forever and I said "omg omg omg omg omg omg YES!" There was some jumping around, smiling like smiling is my favorite, and all around "AAAAAAAH's!" throughout the evening. He got the boys in on it - just after I finished taking their pictures on the porch of them in their costumes, they insisted I go back in because "Daddy needed my help with something." 

I'll be honest - I was suspicious. They way they were smirking was indicative of more than "I'm about to get a bunch of candy, y'all!" It was more of a "I'm about to load up on candy like I'm on Oprah's Favorite Things episode!!" smirk.

But another nugget of truth - I really had no freaking idea. 

This was no trick, it was allllll treat :)

We picked a venue before we picked a date - of which we now have both. I've found an amazing duo of wedding coordinators, Fabulous Fete, to help me out. Photographer is booked. And the really important parts - the food and bar - are underway. This is soooo stinking exciting!

In the midst of all this I'm taking a few more classes - I aced Accounting 100 & Humanities 112 last semester. I'm working on (well, supposed to be at this very moment) Sociology 100 and my first Project Management Class, BUS 375. 

Even more important than that, though, is that my best friend in the world, Sarah, got engaged mid-November! She's opted for a short engagement so life is about to get a lil bit more fun for all of those closest to me! I'm getting a hot pair of red heels out of the deal, too, sooyouuuknooowwww, I'm absolutely delighted!

The biggest project I've worked on so far is finding a way to officially ask my girls to be my wingbitches. I scoured the internet (*pinterest) for ideas and came up with a box full of goodies relevant to The Big Day (TBD from here on out. ain't nobody got time to keep typin that shit out.)

Here's what I came up with, from their POV:
she's all like "GASP! I have maaaaaaail!"