Tuesday, August 13, 2013

F Words: Figs & Fun!

Nana is the best nana I've ever had. Grown-up-Jessica especially agrees. Before she (Nana, not G-U-Jess) left recently to move closer to the rest of our family, we crammed in a lot of quality time! And while I think we might argue about who received the better end of the deal, I know I did :) 

Almost a month ago Josh and I went over to alleviate her fig problem and made a couple of delightful dishes with them, and froze the remaining THREE pounds of figs. Yes. 3 pounds - and that was being picky and throwing out the barely-over ripe fruit. So much yum growing on that tree!

Josh's first recipe request was fig newtons. The recipe I found on MyWholeFoodLife.com indicated they would not be as sweet as packaged Fig Newtons but I tried them anyways, knowing Josh would prefer them sweet. 

They were pretty good! The dough was kind of a pain the ass to work with, though! 

because my figs were fresh and not dried as the recipe called for, I cooked some of the moisture out of them (about 8 minutes over med. high heat) - I was aiming for the consistency of peanut butter - which I didn't achieve (too impatient) but the filling's consistency was fine!

wrap up to put in the fridge for an hour = have 2ish glasses of wine. at least. Then continue process...

Roll out and fill up! I used a pizza cutter to make the squares; it's fun using a tool outside of its name!

Next we made a fig cobbler using an About.com recipe. 


Unfortunately, my brain is wired for the resulting flavor only in the fall and the cobbler went bad right there on the counter top. But before it did, Nana got to try it and I got the seal of approval! Woot Woot! 

I do have some process pics for this one, but forgot to take a final photo; the very last is About.com's pic. As though it wasn't glaringly obvious based solely on the photo quality...

Also, mine didn't look like this but I promise it tasted as good as this looks!

When Nana left she brought over another pound of frozen figs; what else should I make? Do you have any tried-and-true fig jam or preserve recipes to share? Please do!