Friday, May 11, 2012

Deleting my cookies

I've been trying to sign on during the day to post something but my machine wasn't having it. I remembered yesterday the last time my computer just wouldn't load a page that deleting my cookies did the trick. After one more failed attempt this morning, I remembered to delete my cookies and tada!

That's your Computer 101 lesson for this week and I won't be mentioning cookies again. I understand if I've officially lost you because of that.

I've been shopping like a mad woman getting items for some fun face(room)lifts in our new home. I have the bathroom pinned (literally figuratively speaking, For the boys'/guest bathroom we're using navy, indigo, white and grass green (and hoping I can find some earthy - not dirt - texture to include, too). I'll post before and after pics after this weekend! I'm very excited about it!

I haven't shopped much for Russ' room yet as his will need to maintain a "guest" room feel (as we did with the boys' bathroom) without making him feel like it isn't his own space; I'm really into color and want to keep his room in more neutral natural palette (sky blues, browns, and some earthy texture besides the dirt they track in!) - being pulled in both directions will be creative brain overload.

Anyways, this particular double-duty need will likely translate into a room he can appreciate until he's 20ish, lol. We'll have to start his room by getting a full size bed as the queen size proves to be too large, significantly diminishing his play area. The dresser will have to find it's new home inside the closet, pushing the current toy storage somewhere else.

SO! for toy storage, I'm thinking of this from Target:

I played with this storage ottoman piece yesterday in the store and the top is light enough for a child to access the fun inside and the ottoman itself is rugged and adult enough to not make a guest feel like they're invading a 4yr old's puppy and train and truck heaven. It was fairly inexpensive ($80) and I hope they still have it when the time comes to tackle his bedroom!!

The big boys' rooms will be similar to the guest bath color palette with navy, apple green, and pops of orange and maybe black (chalkboard paint!). Here's kiiiinda what I'm thinking, in terms of colors, but not so many of them, and not necessarily themed, either as I'm not interested in decorating in dumb stuff that they'll outgrow 4 days from completion. I mean c'mon, how long can this Angry Birds craze actually last?!?

I'm working on ideas for wall art; I think I'll use this opportunity to put into motion some more of the wonderful ideas I've been pinning, like these:

I also want to include a poster size picture of all three boys into each boys' room.  Unfortunately I wont be able to actually incorporate much of anything into their room till closer to June, when we get the proper furniture in place and the room painted (neutral base with a few navy and orange horizontal variegated sized stripes). Ohhh, I love a blank canvas!!
The house has been de-pictured as I take bits and pieces of it to the new pad. It's strange going down an "empty" stairwell and hallways and it's feeling less and less like home. Strange to say that, but exciting as I know my new home impatiently awaits Josh and me!

This weekend I'll continue tackling the dresser reface. Two weekends ago I got it primed, painted, then last weekend I reprimed (because it wasn't the shade of blue I wanted), and repainted but I had some issues with the finish - a combination of impatience and inexperience. And, fingers crossies, the closet system in the big boys' room will also be installed *while* I'm painting :)

Oh, and something about a massage at I'On tomorrow morning and then I'll need to get these tresses trimmed before picture day with the family next week at Boone Hall with Hyer Images.

OH! OH! and I lost another few pounds; down to 166.8 this a.m.!! wooot! (I started at 172 a week ago!)

That is all.

Collett out.