Monday, May 14, 2012

A weekend worthy of a wrist brace

This weekend was so fantastic I have to start wearing my wrist brace again so my tendonitis doesn't make me feel like I'm dying.

I was super spoiled for mother's day, Stephen drawing the whole thing out into a great weekend, just the way he knew I'd love! Friday night he made me the ultimate Atkin's meal - grilled mushroom swiss cheeseburger, asparagus and sweet red pepper things stuffed with proscuitto and more cheese. Uhm, nom! I redressed the spare bathroom, as planned and I think it turned out nice! See (before is last photo):

Saturday morning I woke up and did some HITT running in my new kicks. LOVE these shoes; they're NB 890s in black and fuschia; I scored them on for $40!! After a little exercise I called and made a hair appt at Tresses Salon in Mt. P & then hopped in the shower to rinse off before my hot stone massage I had scheduled at 10 at I'On Health, of which I scored on Groupon for nearly half price! What!What!

Cathy, my massage therapist and the self-proclaimed - and I can confirm such - "Pain Whisperer" - was wonderful! She worked out some serious knots in my upper back/shoulder blade area via some deep tissue massage and then a hot stone treatment. My body was raging with toxins and hormones afterwards, apparently (I know because she said so, not because I was a raving lunatic). Massage by Cathy. Do it. I called Stephen afterwards and we decided to meet up for lunch at Uno Mas, a regular spot for us. He and Josh had been running errands since I left, of which I'll mention in a moment :) Lunch was great, as usual - simple, atkins diet friendly chicken fajitas (no shells, duh!) Stephen and Josh had their regular - serrano shrimp enchiladas and chicken fingers, respectively...

After lunch we headed to Lowe's - because I had that lovely dresser project to work on and Stephen wanted to get materials for his pull-up bar he's been talking about. I needed to try another shade of blue to match my dresser daydreams; turns out I was looking more for a midnight blue, not navy. I worked on the dresser while Stephen added the new toy to the yard fort. 

My hair appointment at Tresses was with Mara at 3. I'd been to this salon before, a few years before as the photographer for a fashion/hair type fun show they put on for their clients; I really liked the staff but have had a regular hair therapist for many years and didn't need their services. Unfortunately, but fortunately, an oversight by my regular "therapist" (who also happens to be the BFF) I had to go somewhere new/different and Tresses was the first place I thought of, especially since I was closer to them than usual (with my being in Mt. P instead of N. Chas.).

I was nervous. I've never had anyone take care of my hair the way Sarah does. Ever. But Mara. Well, Mara might be seeing me again; she was a great stand-in for my usual and I'm over the moon happy with my cut!! And was even more satisfied with my experience when, upon trying to check-out, the sweetheart at the front informed me that my services had been "taken care of" by my boyfriend. I argued with her, yes I did. "How? When? Whaaa? Mine? Are you sure?" And then she showed me a card and said "is this his phone number?" it was, and it was also written in his handwriting.

By golly.

What a freakin amazing man I have to love me! He and Josh stopped by the salon while I was getting de-tensioned and gave me yet another wonderful memory for this mother's day :) :) :)

The dresser and I mingled over paint and an orbital sander for a few hours; it was intense. Josh's grandmother offered to watch Josh for a few so Stephen took me to Wasabi's on Daniel Island for dinner. MMM! Sushiiiii! Stephen found a drink that he will never, ever ask for again - a jalapeno mojito! I licked a bit off the straw and it was some fresh hotness! The drink consisted of jalapeno simple syrup... + typical mojito ingredients, lol "it tastes like burrrning!"

shit, I'm really keeping you with all this blabbing (bragging?). Lucky you, I'm almost done...

The fun didn't stop there - I was awoken Sunday morning with breakfast (at the table, cause who really eats breakfast IN bed? not us.) Josh and Stephen had some fun greeting cards waiting for me alongside a plate of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and a fresh, hot biscuit and perfectly prepared coffee.

the drawer closest is the winning shade of blue

I worked on the boys' dresser basically the remainder of the day and nearly finished it! I only need to sand one more time (i hope) and then add the varnish, or whatever to protect the paint job from boys.

Josh got to enjoy dinner at Queen Ann's Revenge with his Grandma (Pam) and Nana (Rae) and the other mothers and cousins on that side of his bloodline.

...That's basically it.