Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jessica: 164.8; Scale: 165. Except in this scenario, I win.

When I met Stephen *almost* two years ago, I'm not sure what I weighed, but I was thinner than I have been since. I'd guess low 160s. I remember at one point seeing 158ish. 

Sept. 10th I weighed in at 168.0. Before then I'd say I've probably gotten up to 172.

I've been actively trying to break 165 since at least January and have only gotten as low as 165.8ish - very frustrating although admittedly, I wasn't trying the entire time - lifestyle changes (read: diet, as a noun - not a verb) are difficult, man.

So. Do you wanna guess what the scale said this morning?! Huh? Do ya?


That's right, bitches. 165: BROKEN. 

I'm closing up week two of busting my ass 6 days a week doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred 4x/wk and doing my running training (2x/wk but should be 3, oh well), too. Last night while thinking about the next morning I actually caught myself thinking "ooh! tomorrow morning I get to run!" Lol, now maybe running only felt like a privilege in comparison to doing circuit training instead - but nonetheless - past Jessica could ne.ver! be found feeling remotely happy about "getting to" run. 

Not have to. Get to. 

I've been eating fairly healthy (carrots really do taste too carroty, though), keeping the calorie count around 1400/day and using to log EVERY.SINGLE.THING I take a bite of. That's a lie - I don't record chewing gum nor that nibble of cupcake that I regretted having. I'll live. You'll live. etc.

This morning's little scale-victory has stoked the proverbial fire! I'm quite excited to post before and after pics once I'm impressed with my new body more than I was ever ashamed of my old (current?) body. 

160 - I'm coming for you...