Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running & Exploring

Last year Stephen and I participated in the Pooler, GA Daniel Defense 5k to help support wounded soldiers out of Ft. Stewart. It's a wonderful cause and the turn-out each year has increased exponentially. Last year I didn't plan to run it, I found out last minute that the boss' daughter made different plans so I ran under her name/number. I finished in 45:02 minutes having walked majority of the distance. Pretty crappy time, but whatevs.

It was that race that I realized how awful of a misconception I truly have of distance (& time, but that's another post). I didn't know what I'd gotten myself into and I felt awful for the next few days; like, big whiney baby status for at least 48 hours.

Anyways, I started the C25k (couch-to-5k) program sometime after, tired of it, and restarted in Mayish/June-ish of this year. As of the race this weekend I was on week 7 of 9, but that's because I doubled up on each week to make sure I was not only physically prepared, but mentally as well! Week 7 is where the program stops sending you on intervals and instead makes you seem like a real, live runner for at least 20-30 minutes of your day. I thought by having actually "trained" for this race, surely I'd shave off 5 minutes from last year's time. 

Nope. Only 48 seconds. Race Results

:::Insert meme of McKayla NOT being impressed. Ugh.:::

Oh well, even if only 48 seconds I DID accomplish running without stopping for 2 miles! Technically I was at 1.96 miles when I stopped, but that's close enough for me to say 2, so suck it :P  

What  a great victory anyways!! For now, I'll take a distance victory over time victory, for sure!! Oh, and at some point near the end I was told I was entirely too cheerful, having said good morning to 80% of every bystander I passed. What can I say, I'm an endorphin junkie ;)

Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself and am already looking for another race; I'm thinking the Turkey Trot in Anderson during Thanksgiving AND hopefully I'll be able to run the full 3 miles (and shave off a little time, too). 

photo courtesy of DD Pooler 5k FB page; thanks, y'all.

Oh, and on our way home from the race Stephen and I had some extra time to spare so we decided to go to Hilton Head, since we'd never been. Well, Hilton Head was 30 miles off I26 so we instead decided on Beaufort. Well, Beaufort was quite a drive too so when we saw a sign for an old historical battery site - Fort Fremont, we followed it. This is what we found: 

And then on the way back we stopped at these church Ruins, St. Helena's Chapel of Ease:

the grounds are supposedly haunted, but after staring blankly at each photo for a matter of time, I saw nothing of note. Womp womp.

And then we came home and were graced with three visitors: 

daddy dear can barely be seen near the yard-fort; he didn't stay long

And then Stephen shot them and we're having venison pie for supper.


The end.