Thursday, March 28, 2013

Learning to Dress Myself: Yeh! & Meh.

Let's get the "meh." out of the way. I don't like wearing the same outfit twice. I can't financially avoid wearing the same piece twice, but for some reason wearing the same pieces together more than once makes me feel like I'm a copycat. Of myself. Which should be acceptable, but "hey, I'm Jess, nice to meet you." The useful factor of keeping track of how I put something together always ends at a dead-end of "yeah, but, I've already worn that combo..." I don't make my life any easier than it already is; where's the challenge in that?

Rhetorical question. There isn't one. (a challenge, not a rhetorical que...whatever.)

Alas I've been vogue-ing it up for myself anyways. Well, at least six-ish times. So I guess the "Yeh!" is I have these pics just in case my Level of Effort should drop sub-nonexistent. Some of these are pin-spired, like the first ('find patterned shirt, pair with colored pant.' BOOM. done.) and probably the fif.
This blouse. I paid too much for it. NOT full price ("hey there, coupon code!"), but still too much.  I couldn't resist the gold buttons and sheer printed fabric (Banana Republic). 
It pairs just as nicely tucked into wide leg black or brown trousers with mint colored accents, as it does these velvety burnt orange britches. And those shoes? Those shoes might be the most comfortable pair of heels I own; thanks, Naturalizer!

(please excuse that worn-out mop head.)
Mustard / goldenrod sweater with blue&white stripe tank (Old Navy), blue pants (JCP), and leopard flats. Mixing patterns can be easy!
BTW, JCP's new namesake line is pretty rad! Great fits, fabric & prices!

For date night recently.
Teal silky shirt (so cute with skinnies and no jacket, too!) under knit black jacket with
crocheted lace edging and bronzey buttons; it's like military meets sweet! (Target), bootcut dark denim, and those leopard print flats again! (Mossimo, I think.)

Work attire for the spring; c'monnn spring!
Chartreuse cardi over plain white tank with khaki skirt (JCP) and brown sandals
(Nine West). That scarf was picked up at Burlington on a whim;
it turned out to be so versatile in my closet!

This was an outfit from our engagement photo shoot in February.
(of which I DID wear an undershirt)
I hesitated mixing leopard print patterns but figured they far enough away for it to be ok.
Can't go wrong with snazzing up the tried-and-true "white tee & jeans" combo!
White button-up camp shirt is from Old Navy and jeans are from Guess Outlet @ Tanger.

Another e-session outfit. The color in the skirt is off - it's actually an olive / military green (Old Navy) . The navy blue blouse is from Target and the stretchy studded belt was too,
although I found it at our local Goodwill! Love my prissy blush/nude shoes (Nine West) I found at Hamricks' going out of business sale.

Annnd that's basically all I have right now. The remainder of my time has been spent wearing nothing of which I'm especially proud of (not that I look like a hooker) but for instance: today I threw on a baby blue button up, dark brown skinnies, and slouchy brown boots. Oh, and a scarf.  Oh, and a headband, which I'm still not sold on. Somedays I feel especially more prouder of my dressing myself skills. Today's outfit: not included.

To see the last two ensembles in action (and slightly modified for weather!), visit our photographer, Loren Routhier's, FB page or website.