Monday, June 10, 2013

Making Time fo' Dat (a bunch of personal yadda yadda yaddas)

I'm making time for this. And that and that and that and that. 

Spring semester was a bit of a doozy for the first five weeks. I took an accelerated Economics course because it was the intro level and I thought, "'eeeey, those are always pretty easy - let's do it faster than normal!" My just-barely-a-B final grade proved that it wasn't as awful as I made it seem for five weeks but I worked really stinkin hard for that damn B. In fact, it was only the last weekish that I managed to bring it up to an 82. Economics is no freaking joke. Now I'm wrapping up my other class, American History and am kind of bummed about it. I've had one of THE best professors yet and the material is fantastic - a great combination!! 

When Econ ended I told myself I would start some sort of exercise again; I'd been using my hardcore studying as an excuse not to work my lungs and muscles - my brain was working overtime, afterall. So Econ ended and I started doing a 20-30 minute strength training routine about twice a week (well, the first week it was three times + two HIIT cardio sessions but it's no secret I don't mind just stopping doing stuff.) I always feel really great afterward but but but... My first dress fitting is July 8 so I was trying to use that as motivation - it's about a month away and I like to think I work really well under pressure. Maybe today will start a better week :) 

The kids are doing awwwwesome! J+J are moving to the fourth grade and not-so-Lil Bit (who we've begun calling Sharky because water seems to be his new best fren) will be in kindergarten next year! We're working a lot on reminding the big boys that outsmarting a five year old isn't that impressive, they gang up on him sometimes and that's frustrating but Stephen and I seriously can't wait til Lil Bit gets the balls to just clock one of them in the jaw. It's going to be fantastic, really! My dad picked on me A LOT growing up and I think it made me a stronger person, hopefully Lil Bit will be the same way. 

3-boy weekends are exhausting but this past weekend was a ton of fun (in the sun!). We pooled, wrestled (I was not involved. I was crafting :)) beached, and then pooled again - we all have pink cheeks - and two of us have a few more pink spots - to prove it! The boys were very well-behaved, each got some extra one-on-one time, especially Middle Child who I think needed it most; maybe it's just me but I think the extra attention made a HUGE difference in his demeanor. I think he struggles with how to ask for the extra attention and that sucks because what eight year old doesn't crave it? Stephen is a fantastic and attentive father; we're all lucky to have him! (Love you, boo!)

A few more blog posts coming about wedding crafts and stuffs; aesthetically speaking I've narrowed my focus and am starting to get stuff started & finished! WHATWHAT!