Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Can Make it Rain ....But only for the next few days, probably.

I'm trying this neat thing called "only paying for stuff with cash" (caveat: unless its fuel or groceries since this cash is my 'leftover/spending' money). What this means is I basically do not have any money to spend in my account - it's all earmarked for something except frivolity. I have $200 to last 15 days. Seems easy enough, right?

It's been about 18 hours since I decided this would be a neato experiment and I'm not struggling yet. But that's mostly because I haven't done my usual morning internetz routine: Deal News, Tradesy, Wedding Bee, 100Layer Cake, EBay, and sometimes Ruffled Blog Marketplace (but their site really REALLY grates my fucking nerves, so that one is easy to avoid). The tangibility of cash will hopefully help curb my spending - most of which is wedding related, reminding myself that we can indeed still get married without "that" ...or that, or that, or that.

I spent my first cash this morning, picking up discs of the digital files from the boys' disposable cameras they took to camp for 4ish days. Spoiler alert: they're less than interesting. Well, to me, anyways. $20 (for TWO discs. 2). GONE.

Only $180 to last 14 days. ::::deeeeeep breaths::::