Monday, July 15, 2013

Hanky Bed for My Preciouses

A couple of weeks ago I finished a wedding project, the box for my precious, but I didn't exactly finishfinish it as I still needed to make two little pillows with a pretty ribbon to tie the rings in. 

I have some scrap lace from some table runners I snagged from another bride (she knows about it, I assure you.) and thought it would be really pretty to do two little ring pillows using that lace. Well, I didn't have any polyfil and after pricing a bag of it at Wal-mart the other day - the price wasn't an issue, it was a quantity thing. You can only buy this stuff in quantities like: Fill the Penthouse or Cover Everest with Fluff. 

Cue impatience. I'm for reals ready to cross another thing off my to-craft list!

I only needed a handful of stuffing so I figured I would just find a sacrificial pillow around the house and steal some from it. It would be an unceremonious event and everyone would be better for it. ...right?

Stephen stopped me. He reminded me that was dumb and to just buy the damn bag of p-fill. But I wanted needed to get the thing done rightMEOW!

Impatience + RealTalk = JessicaGetsCreative 

I remembered that I had bubble wrap! Yay! Bubblewrap! 

That's pillow-like! It's a bunch of little tiny pillows! FUCK YEAH! Bubble wrap wrapped in lace with a ribbon run through to hold our precious metal! 

So I played a little and, well, no. No, that just wasn't going to work.

Cue glassy eyes.

I remembered the collection of vintage handkerchiefs I'd started and I picked out two that I could fold nicely and which matched our colors the best. A couple of quick folding trials (& no stitched up pillows) and our rings will have little beds to rest their precious metal heads. And - more importantly - I've finishedfinished one more project!