Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toot Toot: Wonderland Edition

I cannot remember how old I was, but my Nana once gave me a copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass. It has always been one of my favorite tales - an escape into another's wild adventure. As an adult I remember small details from the story: A girl, Alice, who has presumably fallen down a (tardy!) rabbit's hole and proceeds to drink some magic potions, join a Mad Hatter for a tea party, and meet the Queen of Hearts. Oh, and something about a sly kitty cat and chubby caterpillar that smokes. These are things around which my mind has formed my own story and will now be the centerpiece of...

My bridal shower :) 

A few lovely bridesmaids are working their imagination around the clock to come up with the dopest Mad Hatter Tea Party inspired ideas that they possibly can. My Type-A brain has set up a shared Pinterest board and an Etsy board for us to share ideas and to use as inspiration for projects, one of which I'm about to share! (This is just the one project so far that my MOH has let me do [thank you!] because I'm 94% done with wedding stuff and am antsy to help with this shindig!) 

So MOH is planning a Mad Hatter type tea party with a bachelorette party to follow; details for that were purposely left as "TBD" - I just cannot predict what future Jessica will want to do that evening! 

We decided on a very cute invite design - it has a great vintage and innocent feel with pencil drawings of Alice and the white rabbit. The best part about this particular invite is that I emailed her a link to it and without having checked her email she texted a pic to me of the same Etsy listing, imploring me to love it as much as she did. Whaddayaknow :) Some things are just meant to be!

I really liked the idea of asking my guests to share their favorite recipe with me so I designed a matching recipe card to include with the invitation. Because space was limited on the actual invitation we also included an information card with details on the TBD style bachelorette party, registry info, and my sizing. It felt a tiny bit presumptuous to add this information but I assumed it would be appreciated should anyone actually want/need that information.

Without further ado, here is the suite, starting with the purchased invitation and the inserts that I designed.

Vintage Alice Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation

I used PicMonkey to design the set. Here are links you can use to download the files; then you can import them into PicMmonkey (or whatever) to insert your own information. 

Blank additional information card

Recipe Card

If you want to match fonts, the ones I used were De Walpergen Pica, Roman Antique, and Janda Stylish Script (for members only).

I am so, so excited about this party! I think I already have my dress picked out; I'm supposed to go with my workLadies to check out Church Lady Hats sometime in the near future... I'm thinking something big and white with LOTS of frill!