Friday, September 13, 2013

A Smoothie Love Story

When green smoothies hit Pinterest, I was skeptical. It wasn't until a friend posted a photo on FB raving about how her children were TOTALLY cool with sipping spinach through a straw. So, I gave it a try. I whipped one up, called it the neato "Hulk Smoothie" moniker and set it in front of Josh. It wasn't until he was halfway through that I bravely asked him "Sooooo... ya wanna know what's in it?"

Why not leave well enough alone?! Right?! I know. But, it miraculously worked in my favor because homeboy did not care that there was spinach in there. These days he asks me to put the spinach in there and when I tell him we're out, he's the one that adds it to the grocery list. I shit you not. If you know Josh, you know the amount of insanity that this situation holds. 

Anyways, I still usually don't put spinach in them anymore because often when I buy it, it gets slimey before we can use it; the two recipes I'm about to share don't have it either. You could easily add it - just add maybe 1/4 or 1/3 cup more liquid (water, juice, almond milk, lake water, whatever. Don't add lake water.) 

I have the recipe saved in my notes on my phone & I'm totally taking the easy way out and just posting a screenshot of the note.

Add the ingredients to the blender starting with liquids, then softest solids (so, ice would be last.) However, if you don't omit the flax seed - add it last; it got all jellied up in the bottom of my cheapo blender once. Gross. The extra sweetener (honey or SF caramel) can be omitted and you won't notice a big difference; I vote for leaving it in there if you're going to add greens. 

Also, regarding the small amount of yogurt - now I just use the Champion Greek Yogurt tubes that I buy for the kids - they're quick clean up and perfect portion. 

It makes my heart so happy knowing that Josh's breakfast can consist of all these things!! (&sometimes spinach, ha!)

Frozen bananas are definitely the way to go, but they don't NEED to be frozen.
The best part: the first recipe fits perfectly into a Cold-coffee Starbucks 16oz cup! WIN. 

Here's a little infographic I grabbed from Pinterest/Tumblr that has been beneficial for me.