Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Hearts Day: Free Kids Valentines Day Printable Tag

Searching the internet (e.g. Pinterest) for Valentine's Day ideas for boys, I came across some pretty lovely ideas but the one that really stuck with me was this idea from (and this one) to roll up a mad lib sheet, tie with thin baker's twine, and attach a little tag (which is the free printable I have for you). Hers was cute but I'm a sucker for designing my own shit using PicMonkey.

Like a sweet little love scroll of hilarity.

Link over to to see some finished pics of this quick, easy project since I've only just ordered our mad lib book, which BTW, I found on Amazon for less than $3 (+ free shipping with prime); there were lots of mad lib book categories (Halloween, Christmas, travel, etc.) if you're not into sticking with the "love" theme.

right click on either photo to download

I really adore that there's no food involved - although I'm not above anyone giving ME candy

and I certainly don't mind when Josh comes home with too many conversation hearts but I figure why add to the sugar pot when my ...I mean Josh's Valentine can make them giggle instead?