Friday, February 6, 2015

Gut Health, the Primal Way

My appointment today with "primal" recommended dr. (Dr. Erikka Curia at I'On Health, LLC​) went really, really well! I'm looking forward to working with someone that actually hears what I'm saying and has an approach to the world of medicine that I can respect and agree with.

Dr. Curia is starting me off with a few things to help with overall digestion: a round of OxyCleanse and a supplement called Zypan (by Standard Process) that will help my body to better break down food so I can actually absorb the vitamins and minerals from all the (healthy) food I eat!  Also trying something called Gymnema (also SP) to control my sugar cravings, AND an oil supplement to replace the fish oil I already take, which is the cheapest I could find on the shelf - not a good choice.

Currently I take daily doses of 2400mg fish oil, 500mg Vitamin C, a prenatal vitamin (for healthy skin and nails, NOT babies), and Juice Plus. Honestly I'm pretty indifferent about them all, even the highly touted Juice Plus - maybe I haven't given it enough time but Dr. Curia told me today about an equal supplement called Catalyn that cost 3x!!! less than Juice Plus. So, yeah, when I'm out of the JP, I'm totally trying the less expensive stuff - another Standard Process product. 

I realize this post is FULL of links, but I encourage you to check them all out - especially the SP products - the ingredients alone have me mega excited! And maybe you'll find something that you didn't know you'd like to try or could replace something you already take but feel indifferent about!