Monday, April 23, 2012

Buttered Toast

As I sat (sit, technically) here facebooking and eating my red curry chicken leftovers for lunch, I saw a new friend (hi, Natalya!) post a link to her blog and it reminded me that I wanted to start one, too, you know – to post things like how awesome my dinner was last night (the same one that I’m even more excited to have for lunch today.) And to post pictures of … stuff. I love taking pictures; I keep a point-and-shoot in my purse and bought my cell phone based solely on the fact that it had the most up-to-date camera and video capabilities. I think I subconsciously have the need to photograph things as I’m sure that my memory will fail me and I will be sad old person with no cool shit to remember. I also have difficulty finishing projects.
So there’s Stephen, Josh, Jack, and Russ (in order by age) (oh, and I’ve moved on to a new subject. tada!) that (very welcomely) occupy my time. (And there’s a new dresser that’s occupying my time as I try to refinish it. pics of that later, inevitably as it sits in the fire pit because I’ve sworn it to hell.) Josh and I are moving in with Stephen this summer, that will be such an exciting adventure – living with another responsible adult – and one that I’m absolutely in love with and adored by. It’ll be crowded quarters every other weekend as we’ll have Jack and Russ to hang out with (“parent”). The three of them are great kids with great sets of parents (IMO) and I’m quite excited to see them develop into fine young men like their daddy : ]

So I plan on posting some crap about crafts and projects, some frustrations or braggings of gardening and crafts and projects, pictures of my kids crying because I think it’s cute when kids cry, food stuffs, my trying relationship with evil exercise, and our general day-to-day awesomely boring life together (the family, not the exercise and I).

Buttered toast has nothing to do with this post, btw. It was just the first thing that I thought of after the suggested “hello-world” didn’t do it for me. Buttered toast does, though.