Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She's a Pro

Today! (small pause)

I'm a professional.

An "administrative professional" - to be precise. I had a free lunch @ Laura Albert's to prove it.

Greek Veggie Wrap (hummus, mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion,
feta, and balsamic vinaigrette on a whole wheat tortilla) made way more
cool with chicken. & a side of veggie cous cous
 Twas nom. And free. FREE FREE FREE. the best kind of anything there is - unless it requires a dr's visit and an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one...

Laura Albert's Tasteful Options on Daniel Island is legit. Get there early (before 12) though, they're always busy at lunch!! They also do this "dinner to go" thing which I'd like to try. It's reasonably priced considering the level of effort to get myself unhungry.

Last night I had a pint of ice cream. No, not the whole thing - I saved a 1/2 serving for Stephen to try and that was really the only reason I didn't race across that finish line to Fat Town. The worst thing about this ice cream is the entire pint is only 400 calories. Seriously, I would use it as a meal replacement. Stonyfield - the maker of delicious Oikos Greek yogurt - makes this magically slammin frozen yogurt. I grabbed the After Dark Chocolate flavor which really just tasted like regular chocolate but had the texture and flavor of some of the best REAL chocolate ice cream I've ever had. I think next time I'll swirl in some peanut butter - and perhaps I'll serve it to myself from a non-cardboard product bowl that cannot contain an entire pint. Portion control FTW.

Yes, I realize the picture of a cow above the phrase "organic" is quite off-putting, particularly since chocolate resembles the color of shit - yeah, I get z'joke. However, I can assure you the ingredients didn't list, nor the did the entire container taste, like shit.

I know Publix carries this. I can only hope Harris Teeter does as well since that will soon be my new neighborhood g-store. Fingers crossies.