Thursday, June 21, 2012

(French accent) Deer De'La Resistance! (/French accent)

During a bike ride around the neighborhood a couple of months ago, a pretty, pale pink, very soft looking flower caught my eye; particularly since it was growing near a giant dirt hill in the undeveloped part of our neighborhood. I didn't think much more about the flower until we went to Lowe's the next day to spend our entire paycheck - as usual - and saw the same pretty pink flowers FO'SALE! Hello!!

Turns out this delicate beauty was called a Twilight Primrose. Even more heart warming of a flower because Twilight is one of my favorite book series and Primrose is a character from my most favorite book series (Hunger Games, duh.) So I grabbed four pots of it and literally floated on a happy cloud right out of Lowe's!

So now it's been planted for some time and it's mostly doing really, really well! It was a rocky start for two of them, moreso one than the other. The other two were thriving like I'd given them 'roids.

Next Scene: So one morning I wake up, mosey downstairs and go outside just to stare at my four beautiful Twilight Primrose. And what to my wandering eyes do appear, but a stupid ass deer has eaten the flowers off one of my damn Primrose plants.


I'll be honest, at first I thought it was kinda cute, the idea of a deer (or two!) being right in our front yard, eating my delicate Primrose for dessert. All I could think of was big doe-y eyes, lazily munching my flowers while thinking "I'm gonna have to work this off tomorrow, fo'sho!"

So I didn't think much of it until the next morning the flowers were gone off A SECOND plant. Grrrr.... This happened a few times; thank goodness it didn't take toooo long for the flowers to grow back and while the front plants were getting noshed on, the back ones - which had been struggling - started doing really, really well! Yay! Even better - those pussy deer wouldn't come any further into the yard to eat the now thriving Primrose plants. I'd complained to the neighbors about those fat ugly big-eyed deer eating my gorgeous plants and she suggested Society Garlic.

Sidenote: I'd seen this Society Garlic plant all over the neighborhood and thought "copy cats!!" at each yard that contained it and thusly decided that, even though I liked the particular plant, it was not going in OUR yard. Because, duh, we're not copycats.

Next Scene: Sunday, June 17. Lowe's Gardening Center. Just Jessica, in a hurry - no less, and seriously pissed at Bambi. I find the Savory Garlic (what I was calling it at this point because I don't generally pay anyone 100% attention). Grabbed three pots of that, two pots of Moonshine Yarrow, and four pots of dying Salvia. I'm a sucker for a challenge! (<- blatant lie.  More like a sucker for a sweet-ass deal.) I loaded up, went home and plopped the buckets in the front yard and dared Bambi's cute fat ass to step foot near my sweet, delicate Primrose again.

sorry for the craptastic photo. the barely-there plant in the front is the primrose. The yellow stuff in the middle is the moonshine and the random green sprouts are the garlicy junk.

So far, so good :) Jess -1, Deer -0

almost dead salvia plants.

I finally planted (most of) all of it last night and, sure, it's only been a few days since its been in the yard, and maybe it's deer fasting week or something else dumb that deer might do, but, I'm pretty confident in this garlic stuff cause it smells AWFUL! Plus side: you (human) can eat it, soooo I guess I'll have to do another post to let y'all know how my deer repellant tastes... Not the Salvia, though, because wikipedia said it shows up on piss tests.