Monday, June 18, 2012

A Recipe, A How-to & A Vacation ...almost.

The family just returned from vacationing at Lake Murray for nearly a week; such wonderful time spent with Stephen's family! Before we left I'd started working on a few blog posts - a recipe, a "how-to," and another for just general vacation related bragging :) 

I'm excited to share the first two - a caramel cake recipe that's TDF and the other a roman shade how-not-to-do (mostly) I made for the big boys' room. This particular shade was more difficult than the one I made for the dining room because I wanted the back to be lined; helloooo learning experience. Booku fabric arrived just before we left last Sunday and I am excited to use my new ever-burgeoning roman shade making skills. Seriously, I'm learning the hard way.

Also, just before we left I purchased a(nother) piece of furniture off of Craigslist - an old bookcase hutch thing with some drawers.. and stuff. The plan is to turn it into a not-wet bar and free up some cabinet space, too.  I snagged the paint yesterday and have a tutorial from Pinterest that we'll (Stephen will get to play this time) be loosely following (iCreateWithLove Green Storage Solution). The tute isn't, IMO, a 100% how-to but I think we can fill in the missing pieces, especially after browsing through the q&a's from the author of the post (i.e. type of brushes used, paint finishes, etc.).

So, I guess I have four new posts in the works, yay for you! The rooms in the house are also generally coming along nicely - I'm working on all of them at once so that really slows my progress but I find it near impossible to concentrate on just one at a time :)

Oh, and happy belated father's day to all the poppas and also to the mommas who do double time!

My 3 boys at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia last Tuesday (Josh, Russ, Jack):