Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Golden & & a Box for My Precious

Actually, it's a golden box to hold two My Preciouses. I realize this goes against there's only one "My Precious" but this is me not caring.

Early in the wedding pinning planning process I cam across a DIY that seemed pretty quick and easy. Turns out it was! Although, I managed to spread the project out over about 4 months. Talented, I know.

I bought an unfinished little box and "Sahara Gold" metallic acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby, ordered some vinyl decals from, and grabbed a quart of paint I've been saving for (seriously) nearly 8 years. That last part I don't recommend; I'm pretty sure that's a no-no. But it was super duper high quality paint from PPG called Newport Berry Blue or Newberry blue. I'm too lazy to go look. I've been saving it for a very special project. 

I was also working on finishing an  "&" sign I purchased off Etsy. I was pretty sure I wanted it gold so I bought some green spray paint while I was at Hobby Lobby. Which was a good thing because I decided I didn't want it all gold. I know me so well...

A series of mildly-acceptable-quality photojournalistic moments captured during the process:

I added some water to the gold acrylic so it would have just a golden sheen


All that's left to do with the box is make the little pillows for the inside compartments. I have some scrap lace that I'll use to cover 2 chunks of cotton and maybe pull a button through the middle of each.

I'm very pleased with the process and final product of both of these projects!