Monday, June 10, 2013

Finding Wedding Aesthetic Focus: Five Months to Go!

I only have five more months to practice signing my new name :D
I knew it would happen eventually but to look through my Pinterest boards I think someone might be a wee bit confused with what's really going to go down. Well, maybe just me. A while ago. 

But not now. Ohhh no! I've whittled down the aesthetic feel to four words: lace, nature, vintage, glitter. I think "modern vintage" might sum up what the final product will be ...but maybe not. I've been using the phrase "glammed up picnic" (or variations thereof.) Basically, I've been glittering votive holders, twining glass bottles, procuring lace runners and lanterns, and daydreaming about baby's breath e.ver.ry.where. For decor I've found three sites that I refresh on the reg -,, and FULL of helpful brides with wedding shit they're ready to sell for (usually) cheap! Of course there's the always handy Etsy from which I've been gathering cute - and decently priced - handkerchiefs. 

As far as attire goes:

I've gotten the boys' outfits - they're basically matching but I'm hoping to find something extra for each of them to set them apart. They all have the same long sleeve button up - it's a very small blue and green plaid print. J+J, our ushers, will wear the same gray striped bowtie and the same gray/chambray trousers I found at Gap and Russ is wearing striped blue bowtie with blue pants I found at Volcom. I want to keep them casual and comfortable but not lose focus that this is still a wedding, "fancy picnic" style or not!

I think adding a vest to Russ' outfit would be cute; dark blue maybe? 

For the groomsmen we're going mismatched like I think we'll end up doing for my ladies. Here's the inspiration photo I plan to share with the groomsmen's wives:

Minus jeans, plus brown or blue slacks. Hell, maybe we'll do jeans. I dunno. The solid recurrence between them will be a matching tie and the bout. Out of the three or four directional photos I sent to fiance for opinion, this is the one he liked best and I'm very pleased with it, too! I don't want any of our wedding party to have to spend a lot just to stand next to us and I think this is a great way to do that. 

As far as m'ladies go, we're kind of up in the air. And that's fine - we're five months out and I think all of us are dealing with some "last 10 pounds" issues. I found a fantastic idea on A Practical Wedding blog (if you want straightforward, that's where it's at!) about renting their dresses from The three swatches I requested are near perfect matches and their prices to rent a gorgeous 100% silk dress is palatable. It's not as mismatched as my imagination wants but it's really efficient, inexpensive, and maybe the easiest route, too. I think it'd be pretty to see each of them in one of the three colors in a different style. To see the dresses you'll notice they're all airy and romantic so there will be some uniformity about them that will make it feel pulled together.

Let's seeeeee... I mentioned in another post today that my dress is in and my first fitting is about a month away. I've been geeking over jewelry the past month and am stalling on buying anything because what I want to wear (gold tones) I'm not sure if it will clash. I'm hoping to try on some of the jewelry the bridal store has for sale and get an idea of what style is going to look best with my dress and hairstyle - of which I keep changing my mind on! I want "up" because it says "fancy!" but I love the casual look of loose waves, too! It's so romantic!

My hair does this somewhat naturally, so that's convenient :)
I initially had my heart set on the exact 'do below - even bought a similar hairpiece, which I guess I could still use if my hair is down. My coordinators actually coordinated this styled shoot :)

Everything - even the more important logistical stuff - is all coming together relatively smoothly. We've had a few gut-punches on just how ridic the wedding industry is but... oh well :)