Monday, July 9, 2012

The Green Monster

A while back I purchased a hutch from CL. $30 and a quick trip across town and this ole'thing was allll ours:

I knew where I wanted / needed it in the house but that was as far as I'd planned ahead. After a quick convo with Stephen we decided it needed to be bold: I threw out turquoise and he suggested red. I wasn't going red but almost simultaneously we both suggested apple / lime green.

Our green monster baby was conceived.

A few months later, he's herrrrre! er, done, rather. The process was less than intense but took much longer than the man preferred. I started by cleaning the unit with some TSP and a rag - carefully following directions. I didn't know I should've read the directions on everything first: 

Anyways; moving on. I've heard only great things about Zinsser Cover Stain so I decided to try it out. I applied two coats since the blue was so dark - one coat with a decent paint brush, the 2nd coat with a cheap ass foam brush. The foam sponge thing kicked ass.

Eventually I started painting it. I like to really, really make sure the primer has "cured" before step duex. I'm a dirty liar; I'm just lazy. Or was working on starting a few other projects instead.

After two, probably four (by choice & because one coat was done while drunk and it dried looking like it was melting), coats of paint - first with the brush then a final coat with the foam - it was ready for some 'urethane, what what! I grabbed a satin finish, because it just felt right, and foamed on two coats of it. The can suggested three but Stephen was not into having that thing in the garage for another week. 

We installed the mega inexpensive stemware racks I found on Amazon and then he spray painted the beadboard slat things high-gloss gray, nailed them in and tadaaaa. The gray grounds that bright ass shade of green and doesn't overwhelm you to the point of convulsions. I also like how the cork worked as a shelf liner; I intended to use it on all three shelves but didn't feel like cutting anymore to size. 

There was original brass hardware that came with it; we considered replacing it but noticed the holes for the existing pulls were nowhere near standard width so I decided instead to paint them with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze. <3

It's still not quite done - I need to grab a case of wine for the middle shelf and I want the stemware hangers to be hung slightly different. Eventually the drawers will be lined with contact paper or something equally cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. ..eventually.

Stephen is getting used to his scotch being across the room. Seriously, we're gonna have to find a way to bring the kitchen counters closer to the alcohol; he did suggest putting the green thing on wheels. Not too shabby an idea, sir.

Anyways, I'm just thrilled with the results; all the hours spent in the hot garage, DEET'd up (skeeters suck.) and sometimes drunk-up, were well worth it.

Now, to figure out what to fill those drawers with... ;)