Tuesday, July 24, 2012

She Scarfs Sea Salt Scookies by the Sea Shore

Cookies and cakes are just too much fun to make the same thing more than once. Or twice, if you're into caramel and cake. These however, will be my forever go-to chocolate chip cookie. A lil' on the fancy side, but still quickly scarfed by those not old enough to get a job.

This particular cookie - Sea Salt Double Chocolate Chip - was originally brought to you by Leslie @ The Cozy Little Kitchen. I surprisingly didn't really do anything to change the recipe so here are some pictures & side notes - follow the link to snag the original recipe!

always willing to help when cookies are involved!
When Leslie says to be patient and put the dough back into the fridge to "set" - DO IT. This isn't a cruel joke to keep you from gaining that 5 lbs you can't live without - it's for real. For real, for real.
I, like her, didn't wanna wait the hour for my cookie dough to sit - laughing and taunting me from the fridge the whole time - so I slapped that first batch in the oven hardly before I got the mixer turned off.

And they didn't look right.

The butter was too soft and cookies spread and browned entirely too much. Not too much for consumption, mind you. But I prefer a dense - even if smaller - cookie, and so I heeded warnings and chilled my cookie dough until the next morning.

The wait was worth it, not only was the texture "right" - they were gorgeous, too. See, all sparkly and shit from the sea salt: