Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Reluctant Semi-Reveal: Russ's Guest Room

I wrote this in August 2013 and my, oh, my how this room has changed again - as I knew it would. You can read through and see that I wasn't happy with it, but was still astonished at the before/after photos' difference. I'll get some good pics of the room now to share really soon!

My aunt & uncle drove in from OK to pick up Nana and Q & I were sooo lucky to have them stay with us during their stop-over! However, this meant that a few of my meh-maybe-another-day projects were now in the GO-GO-GO phase and go I did - with a hammer, nails, two tape measurers, a pencil, and a wall. Oh, and some toothpaste for the pieces with two nail hangers (a little pinterest trick!)

Had I not stayed up into the wee hours insistent upon getting this shit hung on the walls, I wouldn't be posting this because its not my final vision for the space(s). But, I'm proud of the accomplishment given the time and materials with which to prepare. The room has been arranged for a while, I just hung/replaced a few things and then did the gallery wall in the hallway.

Without further ado, the befores of Russ's/Guest room (a la'bachelor pad) & afters (our engagement)

And afters:

it's a little difficult to see, but that's Jack's artwork on the nightstand. Stephen painted the hanging canvas on the left and mine is on the right. the canvas on the far right is a photo courtesy of Hyer Images.

We still "need" a headboard, but I've been happy with just having a bedframe. The walls need some color and ...something else. It just doesn't feel quite right in there yet. It's a predicament - trying to keep it kid friendly and guest friendly. Although, I did make it quite clear to our guests that the T-Rex in the corner of the room was NOT for them, - so that probably already settled a lot of confusion...

& the gallery wall leading to the master bedroom

A few old-school / vintage Goodwill finds, some empty frames & sideways pics, and the H-Family Crest & its history. SUCCESS.