Friday, September 12, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 20something

DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a real thing, I'm here to tell you. It's cause is still kind of a mystery (I mean, duh, obvi kick ass exercise is the initial cause). In a really sadistic way, it feels awesome - I kind of like being reminded that I made a good decision to workout. I'm chowing down on a burger right now only wishing I'd nuked it a little longer but I'm going to have to suffer because walking is hard right now, lol! 

Recently I ate:

Thurs.: Sausage & Kale Sweet Potato Hash & PSfauxL (pumpkin spice faux-latte) + Pork Chop & Green Beans + Spinach/Ham Fritatta + More Hash
Fri.: Hash & Coffee blend, again + Hamburger Pattie, Plantains, & Green Beans + London Broil, Eggplant, & Zoodles

Things at home are running pretty smoothly - boys are doing well in school; Middle starts soccer practice tonight and Littlest has Cross Country practice Sunday; Oldest is waiting rather (im)patiently for winter to roll around for another season of flag football. Husband is still on the bike (possibly literally, as I'm typing) while also managing to put in some serious hours at work. And I'm busy thinking of the holidays (just sent out an evite for our neighborhood wine club for December; ooooh, so excited!!), and redefining  my "me" time from lounging to mostly exercising and cooking with the occasional new magazine flip-through tossed in. I'm digging it.

Today is Donut Friday and I have 4 days of (?) remaining. I'm feeling relatively great although wondering if I slipped and didn't know it but I've had a tummy ache once or twice in the last few days and my eczema still hasn't subsided completely like I hoped it would have by now. However, a pair of pants in the "fit into them before they sell" pile were tried on today because a fellow Vintie asked to swap those for something in her closet. I decided to try them on and make sure they did/didn't fit before agreeing to swap her for a darling sheer plum (hello, Autumn color palette) top.

So, the pants fit. Like, they fit like they did when I bought them and they were still pretty snug then, but I'm happy enough with how much BETTER they fit than almost a month ago - I could barely button those b(r)itches! I decided to swap them anyways because I can wear that top to work OR play and cannot wear the jeans to work (ever). 

I forgot to share this outfit yesterday! And a little side story with it - I was in the backyard photographing this beautiful pink Hibiscus bloom and noticed a little honeybee buzzing about it. As I knealt down to try to capture it with my phone he began flying towards me and tried landing on my phone! He was close enough that I could see his pollen drenched legs! So cool. He must've thought I was the biggest flower ever, wearing this blouse:

I enjoyed a sweet potato hash breakfast this morning while trying to figure out how to style a new white blazer (a Vinted purchase steal, of course.)

Aaaaand then nixing the white blazer and trying to fancy-cuff-roll my sleeves for a shirt that I ended up not wearing anyways, as per my usual.

&&& that's all I have until I can get a good picture of the outfit I decided on!

Make it a good weekend!




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