Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Days 13 - 16

I've gone 16 days without chocolate. Everything I eat tastes sweet. I don't know how I feel about this. Am I going to enjoy the fancy chocolate bar I purchased for day 31 or am I going to recoil in sugary revulsion? Have I said out loud "these carrots are sweet!" so many times that people are plotting my demise? Was eating a banana and sunbutter, & enjoying it, in front of adults enjoying beer a one-way ticket to hell? These are questions only fate can answer, however I'm hoping for a Yes, No, and No - in that order.

This week/end I ate:
Sat.: sweet potato & sausage casserole + pork chop + spaghetti
Sun.: sweet potato & sausage casserole + *see below + pork & sweet potatoes
Mon.: eggs & pork & sweet potatoes + naked homewrecker jr. + leftover spaghetti sauce & eggplant
Tue.: egg foo young + leftover spaghetti sauce & eggplant + pad Thai

We spent all day Sunday with friends who invited us on their boat. Saturday evening I meticulously made sandwiches, pulled grapes, made smoothie pops (strawberry, banana, mango, & coconut milk - WIN!), crock-potted a cut up fryer chicken, filled water bottles, etc. Sunday morning, that chicken didn't look too appealing - so I left it behind which was a real freaking shame BECAUSE THAT WAS MY LUNCH. Thank goodness I'd packed carrots + guacamole, banana + sunbutter, and an orange for myself or I would have really gone to town on the bourbon fried chicken nuggets that Stephen picked up at the deli. I ate two in a fit of I'm-going-die-desperation and then remembered that I'd made an extra sandwich and ate the lunch meat from it, devoured our friends' watermelon and strawberries, and just generally tried to do anything but work up an appetite. 

Ugh. What an idiot. How did forget my own food?!

Sike. Not an idiot. You know why? Because before we left the house for nearly 10 hours I layered a crockpot in bacon, and put a pork shoulder covered in salt on top and set that sucker to low. This is the cheap one so it doesn't have a timer - lucky me because I needed it to cook for as long as possible. In the fancy (has a timer) crockpot, I put two foil wrapped sweet potatoes and set the timer for low, 8 hours. Coming home after the longest day of the summer to hot, delicious, healthy,wholesome food was such a freaking win.

Even better than that was when I made breakfast for Husband and me the next morning. I pulled the remaining pork, diced up the leftover sweet potato, and added them to scrambled eggs along with some Sunrise Spice. I served our sunrise scramble with fried plantains, lizard sauce (this is so similar to our beloved Lizano sauce we found on honeymoon in Costa Rica), and an espresso spiked coffee.

Labor day was a perfect rest day - what we all needed. I took a break from cooking and we went to Moe's. They have enough options to make dining out easy - I had the naked homewrecker: romaine, double chicken, salsa, guacamole, & bacon. Such delight. Since I was gone all day Sunday I did some cooking last night instead - I made pad Thai - the noodles are julienned zucchini (Josh did that part - he's been such an awesome help in the kitchen lately!); I found the recipe in one of my Well Fed Cookbooks.

Menu for this week looks like this:

Last week's menu looks like this now, hah:

I think part of doing a successful Whole30 is planning, even more than that though - is being able to go with the flow while you figure out what works for your family!