Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That's all, Folks! Whole30: Done!

Today is day 1 after a Whole30. Coincidentally - and rather unfortunately - I feel awful! I made this quiche the other day and while it's super duper awesome, I think I had too much of it for breakfast. I had to tell someone in between belches in the office that "I'm a lady damnit!" So because I feel awful, even lunch is still pretty Whole30 - larabar, apple, boiled egg, and almonds. Dinner is zoosketti (zoodles!) and Josh is just DYING to see my face when I have chocolate after dinner. Seriously, he mentions it twice a day/at mealtime - he's really been looking forward to tonight! 

I'm going to have the chocolate because I don't think I can make my little bear wait any longer but there is an After Whole30 protocol for re-introducing foods. Chocolate isn't on the list... weird. Reintroduction is relatively simple - and sounds kinda fun in theory, although I'm a little worried about introducing some foods! I have a morbid curiosity to know how one particular food actually makes me feel so I'll do it the right way. I need to single out the bread, the peanuts, the soy - and relate a gut feeling to them for my brain to trust.

My Last day of my Whole30, I ate:
Paleo Quiche + Coconut Water
Chicken Taco Bowl with Cauli-rice
Paleo Pancakes & almond butter (They were probably the best pancakes I've ever had.) + Scrambled Eggs
Spaghetti Squash + Turkey Deli Meat + 1 more Pancake

I picked up my CSA box last night - so much potential in one little box! Sweet potatoes, pickling cucumbers, tiny wittle green bell peppers, a PURPLE bell pepper, some arugula, an eggplant, and squashes. I have ideas for most of these items and think I might have even thought of a new recipe! I'm going to work on it this weekend - I'm very excited as I've not seen anything quite like it although I'm SUUURE I'm not about to reinvent the wheel...

Some veggie plans:
Arugula - Breakfast Salad and Apple & Arugula Bison Burgers
Sweet Potatoes - Sweet Potato & Kale Colcannon
Pickling Cucumbers - Refrigerator Dill Pickles or Perullo Pickles
Eggplant - keeping it simple with Roasted Eggplant with Basil

Lazy Journaling:

Josh's Plate vs My Plate.
I don't make him anything different, I simply "modify".

In process of making a killer Pad Thai recipe from Well Fed

Yesterday's Outfit: Leopard & Lace!
Both pieces from Banana Republic; shoes Nine West.
Also, I weighed myself this morning. I lost exactly 6 lbs; I started at 171.5 and was 165.5 after wake-up.

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 20ish