Thursday, September 4, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 18. I think I'm gonna start over.

Not start THIS Whole30 over, but do another challenge. Something like what Gretchen Rubin did in The Happiness Project. I read that almost exactly 3 years ago and some things still resonate with me: slow down, prioritize, put others first but also do what makes you happy, abandon a self-conscious mind, etc. Maybe I'll tell a joke everyday for 30 days. Or maybe I'll thoughtfully dress myself for 30 days. Perhaps I could do some sort of have-a-glass-of-wine every day for 30 days. Yeah, I like that one...

Today I ate:
Egg Foo Young + 1/2 plantain + nursing a tall coffee
SB+J Burger leftovers with diced carrots
BBQ Beef (probably with more plantain!)

There's a neighborhood block party this weekend and I'm really looking forward to the challenge hanging out without needing to stuff my face the whole time. Also, wine night is tomorrow night - guess I'll be reverse Jesus-ing my drank and having that non-alcoholic white wine (read: water.)

I was quite surprised with the amount of feedback I got with yesterday's post so thought I'd share today's outfit, too although I don't have any cute "new" pants to show off; the cardigan I'm wearing is the piece that I was going to toss until I decided to put it into an outfit for this week. I even remembered accessories this time, and although I'm not sold on my choices I'm not sure what would've worked better (whether in my jewelry box or in my daydreams). Maybe a pair of diamond studs?

Pants & Blouse are Banana Republic, Cardigan is Evie, and shoes are Franco Sarto.
Scored the earrings from a Premier Jewelry Party and the bangles from
Tonight's dinner started cooking this morning - "stew beef" in a flurry of spices and a splash of cider vinegar. I even had time this morning to cook the bbq sauce to mix into it - thank you husband for driving Oldest to school so I had some extra time for kitchen shenanigans! [xoxo] 

I'm still working on yesterday's tall blonde from Starbucks. I added coconut milk and a shake of pumpkin spice to it this morning. "It tastes just like a PSL", said the girl who can't remember what the real PSL tastes like. Don't remember; don't care. I'm still really enjoying it!

OH!OH! The "peanut butter and jelly" burgers I served for dinner last night were a HIT! Littlest didn't dig it so much but I think it was more of a mental thing for him - he's not keen on peanut butter and even when we told him it wasn't actually peanut butter he was still pretty hesitant. I was NOT hesitant today with my leftovers at lunch; that shit was good!

Go make some good decisions; I'll be back tomorrow to bitch about donut Friday. You see what I have to deal with? These aren't even Dunkin - they're fancy mom-and-pop-shop 'nuts. I'm gaining a lot of strength in this 30 days - both mentally and physically!