Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 17; real talk - I'm tired

I am so damn sleepy today; I can't think of why I might feel this way. I've been eating properly and getting a fair amount of sleep - maybe I need more than 7.5 hours? I also have had a headache for a few days which I attributed to allergies but the PollenCast has been moderate since mid-August. I tried having some coffee this morning thinking maybe it was a caffeine issue - which is far fetched as I rarely have anything caffeinated. Maybe I just kicked so much ass at CrossFit last night that my body needed a smidgen more recovery time. Yeah, we'll go with that! Mad ass-kicking skills require 8+ hours of sleep, I'm sure.

Today I ate:

Egg Foo Young & uncured smoked bacon
Paleo Chicken Pad Thai with zoodles
Sunbutter + Strawberry Hamburgers with French Fries

umm, what? SB+J burgers? Yes. I'm hoping the boys are into something kinda new and crazy sounding. I found the recipe in one of my Well Fed cookbooks (also on the webz) and figured the worst case scenario is we have to scrape off the SB+J. But I don't think at least two of the five of us will. I'm game to try it - sweet and savory is my jam!

I purged my closet the other day because I finally finished my laundry and realized that when ALL of my clothes are clean they don't all fit into my closet or dresser. So I started yanking stuff out to the old tune, "I never wear this or this or this...wait, I still want to keep that, though!"  Many things I don't wear because I forgot that I had it so instead of tossing everything that I hadn't considered in a few months, I put together four outfits for this week. Hindsight, I should've taken photos of what I chose so you can see how cute I look when I take time to thoughtfully cloak my temple. I feel so put together and it's fun wearing stuff that feels new because you hardly ever wear it. Woot! Anyways, I made a pile of clothes that I want to keep but don't fit yet and I plan to list them on my various online closets ONLY to "win" them back if I am able to fit into them before someone buys them. Game on, b(r)itches!

Also, as I was pilfering my own closet, part of the criteria for "toss" was how it currently fit. Now, I'm not making excuses for measuring myself (a no-no on Whole30) but if a girl tries on a pair of pants in order to discern which pile they belong in, and said pants happen to fit perfectly when they did not a month ago. I mean, I can't help but notice that I must be smaller than I was before I started Whole30. I'm wearing those particular pants today; very exciting!

I have a "thing" for blue + green.
I think next time I'll pair these pants with a shade of pink!
Notice my lack of jewelry - this is normal. I'm not good at accessorizing - what jewelry would you have worn with this outfit?

My fall closet is calling my name - I'm excited for a different, darker, richer color palette. My summer closet items are fun brights (think blue or red pants, yellow cardis, and fuchsia blouses) mixed in with my year-round neutrals. Ahhhh, I can hear me stomping on all the crunchy leaves already...