Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 2

I made it through the night. It was a dark and stormy one, with lots of lightning (not metaphorically speaking, the constant lightning was actually very annoying) but here I am. In tact. I was planning to be in bed by 10:30/11 but once I realized my fancy you-should-go-to-bed-now-to-look-rested alarm* was still set to 7a instead of 6a, I turned my lamp off at 9:40 instead. 

Today I ate:
1 frittata + some sweet potatoes + brussels sprouts + coffee
Leftover chicken + sweet potatoes + brussels sprouts + olive oil
Ground beef/bison sausage mix + cauliflower for pre-workout
2 Hard boiled eggs + sauteed portabello mushrooms with coconut aminos (fancy!)
64oz water

*If you're an Android user, you've gotta check out this app, Sleep as Android - it's a sleep tracker and my favorite part is how it uses your accelerometor and tracks when your last sleep cycle was and can wake you up before your alarm, based on the cycle you're in. This morning - even though my alarm was set for 6:15, it woke me up at 5:45 instead of interrupting my next sleep cycle. That sounds awful, I know but as the developer states, it "wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings!See, it's not awful, it's brilliant!

I took my "before" photos this morning and it didn't take 77 exposures as predicted as I looked just as unhealthy as I thought I might. ...yay? The temptation to weigh myself wasn't that great as I'm usually just curious anyways, but it was nice to have a solid reason not to satisfy that curiosity. You know, other than "I ate my weight in pizza last night and am SO NOT curious what I weigh this morning".

Today was also Josh's first day of 5th grade. I did a fair amount of prep for his lunch last night but had to heat the broccoli and chicken this morning to put in a thermos. Before he went to bed he asked if I could include deviled eggs. 

Um, yes/duh/do-you-have-a-fever? 

Anything to add protein to his lunch!  His lunch today is as planned - leftovers: chopped chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and also a sliced banana with peanut butter and a little line of dark chocolate chips. Also, the deviled eggs, which I used one compartment of his lunchbox to put the halved eggs, another for the deviled portion and the big one for the banana sandwich thingy.

And do you know what the most difficult part of the morning was? Not licking my damn fingers or the peanut butter spoon; it's just what you do when you get peanut butter on yourself! So Josh took care of the spoon and taste tested the deviled egg filling. Given our/his eating habits, I'm ...anxious? apprehensive? to see tonight what he ate for lunch... I told him not to throw away a single.freaking.thing (I'm hoping this will eliminate getting lids and forks tossed also!)

*It's nearly 4p and I'm kind of hungry; I'm wondering what I could've done differently at lunch because I was truly stuuuuuffed!  I probably should have added more chicken, less potato. Waiting patiently to get home for a protein heavy snack. tick tock, tick tock...

It's day 3 now. It was a very busy night of back-to-schedule shenanigans; I don't think I really stopped moving until I was checking out my butt in the mirror. Guilty, I check myself out, especially how round my ass is getting from squats you not?

Oh, and most of Josh's lunch was eaten! Woot!

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