Friday, August 22, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 4

The boy chose pizza for his birthday dinner last night (day 3).

Which I think is a quintessential choice for birthday dinners until about age 26 when you discover the wonder of grilled meat, vegetables and beer in your own backyard with friends.  His choice is admissible.

I survived another day, even though I didn't get the dinner that would've made my life a lotta bit easier. Stephen ordered a s'mores pizza for them and I secretly jumped for freaking joy when she said they were all out and remaining choices were not our-kid friendly. 

Today I ate:
2 Fritattas + cup of Morning Thunder black tea
Homemade chicken nuggets + brussels sprouts + sweet potato
Fuji apple + 2 hard boiled eggs
Thai beef dish (recipe below) + the LAST of the sweet potatoes (finally!)

Last night was a declutter frenzy. I have a really hard time getting rid of things that have nothing "wrong" with them - namely, food. If it's expired I have no qualms tossing it but until then it's going to sit neatly on our pantry shelf and wait to be summoned. I don't know where the energy came from or where the thought originated at 7:30 last night but I was on a mission. Our refrigerator and pantry look like we were robbed by really neat thiefs. Or, like we're not your typical American family with an over-abundance of... everything! Burn! I digress.

The best part about cleaning out the 7 different jams, old bottles of bbq sauce, and mealy olives was now I actually have room for all of our beer! Sike! The best part is now I have some room to stage lunch & dinner containers. WOOOOOOHOOO! Being an adult is the BEST!  

The last thing I tossed was the Halloween candy. That was hard. So hard, in fact that I dug back through and picked the "good stuff" back out to bring in to my coworkers, in addition to some homemade coffee ice cream frommmm Novemberrrr. Evil, I know - I shouldn't be poisoning them but I don't know their life so they can make their own bad decisions. 

This LOOKS like a trash can running overeth with candy, but it's not; the candy was the last thing I tossed so it's on top of boxes of noodles, chips, canned japs, panko crumbs, etc. LOTS of opened boxes (only some of these fell under the open = "broken" rule because honestly, whose going to want an open box of lasagna noodles with only 5 in it. Like, why did I even keep that?!)

So I was in the midst of getting rid of junk foods, but: I don't like to throw unbroken things away, I'm too lazy to stop by a food bank, and I'm very aware of the money I'm yanking out of the pantry. Sooo, I lined it all up on the island, snapped a pic, and posted it to our neighborhood FB page indicating I'd accept donations towards my new expensive eating regimen or one could simply call dibs and come pick some stuff up. Again, I don't know their lives, maybe they need corn meal or fancy flours TO survive!

 I'm gonna miss you, fancy pop-tarts.
I can't believe this stuff took up so much room, doesn't look like it would... 

This isn't even all of it - just the name brand stuff! The response was totally positive, one neighbor said she'd bring me some fresh veggies next week! Some of the jam jars I washed out to save for future container storage; like this morning, I opened a can of pineapple juice but didn't want the whole thing so I had a handy jar to store it in the fridge. I used an emptied plastic rice container to put my fresh bag of arrowroot powder in. I made a note to ask a neighbor if I could piggyback my glass bottles in their recycling this week. Success! I'm like, on the path to some sort of exemplary human award, right?!

I'm enjoying how this new lifestyle is spilling into other areas of life. Maybe I'm just still in the high/new/fun phase of this but I feel great - my eczema on my hand is subsiding even though I quit using my steroid cream (now using just coconut oil), my energy level is steady, my focus is on-point, and.. I think I'm even being nicer.

Here's an honest tidbit - I was about to fall asleep on the drive home today. Whaaat? That's not supposed to happen! I have no clue what biological/physiological/insert-big-probably-wrong-use-here caused that. I was properly hydrated and fed... I just, I just ... I don't know. Ugh, that's frustrating. It's probably because I was just talking about how much energy I have; thanks Murphy!

I had CrossFit tonight but before that I needed to start dinner because it included cauliflower "rice" that I didn't want to burden Husband with making. This is our version of Well Fed's Thai Beef Hot Plate.

Ingredients: 1 head cauliflower, 1lb ground beef (already cooked, preferably), handful of bean sprouts, 3 minced garlic cloves, 2 tbsp of coconut oil, about 1/4 or 1/2 cup canned coconut milk, 6ish little sliced sweet peppers, and 8ish chopped basil leaves.

  • De'flower' one head of cauliflower, removing as much stem as possible. 
  • In two batches, run it through a food processor, pulsing 9-12 times or until it resembles rice. 
  • Over a hot pan with coconut oil, sautee some minced garlic for a couple minutes then throw in your cauliflower. I cooked mine in two batches because I knew Josh wouldn't appreciate the sliced sweet peppers, basil, and coconut milk that Husband and I added to ours. 
  • So I stirred the rice around for about 5 minutes until it was a tinge golden - the texture ended up being perfect, although I chopped mine too fine and it was more like quinoa sized. 
  • At some point I'd sauteed the sliced sweet peppers, probably in "Josh's pan" before I added the minced garlic and then cauliflower. Anyways, I added those to the cauliflower along with 5 or 6 chopped basil leaves. Also, Husband proclaimed last night that our herb scissors were worth way more than we paid for them! Consider adding them to your utensil collection!
  • Since I'd prepared the ground beef earlier in the week, we just warmed it in a separate pan.
  • Add a little canned coconut milk & some bean sprouts to your beef and let simmer for a few. I was afraid to add the milk to the cauliflower for fear of making it mushy.
  • It was served "not touching" but after I took a bite of the meat and the rice, I swirled that shit around and made it one mixture. Such a good decision!
It wasn't quite enough to satiate a post-workout appetite so we finished off our meal with the remaining sweet potatoes which afterwards we decided should have been smothered in coconut milk or sprinkled with rosemary. Next time...!