Friday, August 22, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 5

Today is donut Friday at the office.

audible sigh.

I think I can still remember what the last donut I had tasted like. Being well aware of what today is I prepared by eating a little later than normal and getting a really big coffee so I wouldn't be hungry enough to be mad that donuts make me feel like shit.

Today's meal plan:
2 frittatas + venti black coffee (this will actually last me 3-4 days)
Leftover Thai beef, wrapped in lettuce + peach + avocado
Italian chicken Hot Plate from Well Fed + whichever veggies remaining that are cooked & sound appealing

Last night's WOD was a lava-hot doozy. At the beginning of the year I set a goal to do 5 pullups by year's end; Husband makes them look so easy, I thought "shiiiiiiiiit, I can do that if I practice for 11ish months!"
Know how many I can do so far?
None. lol
Last night's workout helped me towards that goal, though, by strengthening my back and shoulder muscles with toes to bar. Not that I did that many of them though because I ripped open a little blister on my left hand. Gross. Anyways, I'm okay with revising my goal to being able to do one strict pull-up; I have 4 months! Last night we also did some pushups and lots of jumping rope (400 singles total). It was a solid workout and I felt mega properly fueled for it! Win!

OH!OH! and I'm comfortable enough to say that I've mastered the double under because I did like, three in a row last night. Haha! It really did feel amazing to do more than one a time, though!! 

vma vma's

I'm trying to decide how I'm going to b-log (get it?) my days over weekends. I'm not sure if I'll feel like devoting the time so I'm just gonna say - plan for a long Monday installment!

Some plans in the works, however:

  • My box is having a beach WOD in the a.m. I haven't decided if I'm going to participate, though. The Saturday crew's workouts are intimidating!
  • Husband is cycling but mentioned going to the Marion Square Farmer's Market also. I don't think we can do both because they both need to be done earrrrly!
  • The house could use a good scrub and I still haven't finished all that laundry...
  • Grocery shopping for next week's meals. Thankfully, my neighbor already blessed me with an abundance of veggies (we used the bean sprouts last night!) in return for a bag of pantry items. I guess that negates the need to visit the farmer's market - awesome!
  • SUNSHINE. I'm hoping I get to take in lots of it, even if it's just working in the yard and repotting my peonies!
There aren't a whole lot of meals planned for the weekend, save for hamburgers & french fries (for Josh and Stephen). I think I might try my hand at insert-vegetable-here fries, too; zucchini, avocado, sweet potato - there are some interesting options out there plus my neighbor included some okra in my veggie bag so I'll try (again) to roast those to a delightful crisp! I also have a reminder set to get a chicken fryer out of the freezer to thaw for a crockpot meal on Sunday - one less thing to worry about while cooking for a whole week's meals! Hallelujah!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and make good decisions - I'm gonna try to do the same damn thing!