Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Days 6 - 9

The weekend came and went without much interest. I had a few "tests" that were either liquid or crunchy triangles. But more importantly, I did well - we tried a new restaurant, I relaxed at the pool without an alcoholic bev, and I doled out a few chocolate chips without popping a few myself :)

This weekend I ate:
Sat.- an omelette with sweet red peppers & onions, and hamburger patty with Wholly Guacamole, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. I ate a late breakfast and actually skipped lunch. 
Sun.- Scrambled eggs, pork carnitas & guacamole from a local place, and chicken for dinner.
Mon.-  Scotch eggs, meatloaf burger patty, chicken breast, mashed fauxtatoes, and eggplant. (SO good!)

After I finished my meal planning Friday night I was able to do my grocery shopping on Saturday. I tell you - I LOVE having our protein right in our garage freezer (we get a 6 month supply from a local place, Healthy Home Foods) and "shopping" our freezer; I even used a shopping bag this time! My grocery store list didn't consist of much because of a sweet neighbor having graced me with fresh vegetables, so it was a quick trip - hooray! 

I didn't spend as much time in the sunshine as I hoped I might, but I did (almost) finish that giant pile of laundry - about 3 loads + set of sheets. Lazy bones, don't care. Husband and I did stop long enough on Sunday to spend an hour-ish at the pool catching up on my magazine subscriptions (I love Redbook and Self)!

Monday was a good day but I might've umm, messed up last night. I was making chicken for Josh and me and was battering his with Stone Ground Whole Wheat flour. It was a new recipe and before I served his cranky ass I wanted to try a bite. They were good. So, I had grains last night. My actual meal was not breaded, only that bite is where I "cheated." Oh well, NOT starting over! Also, apparently the black grapes that I've enjoyed a few times are a no-no, too, although red and green grapes are a-ok. Again,  oh well. Don't take this as giving up, I've certainly not done that but I don't feel like my infractions really warrant having to start over.

Crossfit tonight plus meatloaf and mashed fauxtatoes (cauliflower blitzed to a pulp) are on the menu for dinner. I'll have to share my meatloaf recipe tomorrow - it's really tasty!