Thursday, August 21, 2014

Logging on for a Whole30: Day 3

I unsubscribed to Papa John's emails yesterday. Do you know what that means? It means I won't be getting any good deals on bad decisions. You know what I did yesterday that I kinda regret? Eating ground hamburger and then doing a high intensity workout. I did notice, however, that my burp count was waaaay down during class - that's significant. I ALSO realized that I haven't taken my stomach meds (ranitidine or something) for a week now - that's also a huge success. 

Today I ate:
1.5 fritattas (Josh said his was "too spinachy") + bison sausage patty + 1/4 of a banana with sunbutter + choked down 3 gulps of canned coconut milk
Ground beef + cauliflower + 1 avocado
Mediterranean Salmon Salad @ Brixx + homemade chicken nuggets (when I got home from bday dinner)

But last night. Ohmagaw. It was hectic but as I really think about why, I can't guarantee that it was any busier than yours:

  • Leave work at 4:35 (usually 4:30, 5 minutes will set me back by 15 though, ugh.)
  • Arrive at afterschool care for my FIFTH GRADER (can we just take a pause here. gee willikers, 5th grade) around 4:50
  • Home by 5:15 to reheat dinner, eat something & make Josh a plate that looks mildly appealing - I cut 3 slices of sweet potato, sauteed them in coconut oil and then piled a little warmed ground beef on top and a sprinkle of parm cheese and served them with cauliflower. ...he didn't eat much beyond the meat because he said he was "worn out on sweet potatoes." Fine.
  • Answer a few questions & pack up an order for my "sell sites" and get ready for Crossfit at 6:30 which means I have to be out the door byyyyyy
  • 6p! Actually left at 6:15 though because all these vegetables are cleaning me out. Dang.
  • Home by 7:45 to warm a post-workout meal, get Josh ready for bed & also to help Josh help me wrap The Middle Child's birthday present (read: find a large enough gift bag)
  • Josh in bed around 8 so I can cook the nuggets I planned for his lunch for today and tomorrow. Those were a bitch, btw. I thought I had almond flour but only had coconut and 3 other kinds that aren't body-friendly. I've fried with coconut flour before and it's just too delicate or something. So I added 1/2tsp arrowroot powder to 1/4c coconut flour and that actually seemed to help! Why?! Shit, I dunno. 
  • Then I still had to clean the kitchen, weigh the aforementioned packaged boots to prepare for labeling, shower (no, I hadn't showered at this point) and start a load of laundry. Note: I don't have anymore clean clothes today than yesterday, guess I'll be washing & drying tonight.
Now, I wasn't up til midnight or anything, but I cannot remember being more ready for bed than I was at 10:30 last night. 

But really, I feel great today after another early 5:45 alarm which means I got roughly 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep; an easy thing to accomplish when eating well and wearing yourself out at the gym just hours before bed!

Oh! I briefly mentioned at the end of Day 2 that Josh ate a great lunch on his 1st day back to school - he only came home with 1/2 his broccoli, a few pieces of chicken, and said he didn't have time to eat his sweet potatoes. I call that a success! Today's lunch has those damn chicken nuggets, pepperoni & cheese skewers, pretzels (remember, we're eaaaasing him into this paleo thing), and 2 deviled eggs. My lunch is ground beef, cauliflower, and an apple. 

Tonight we're dining out for The Middle Child's 10th birthday. I'm fully prepared to pay him to choose Mexican food - fajitas get a big green light on the Whole30 and what I normally order anyways. I'll let you know tomorrow how that goes!